What is Culture Continuity?

Culture ContinuityTM is the management practice of responding to and recovering from periods of intense change. Its purpose is to build a robust and resilient workplace culture that continues to serve business strategy.

Culture ContinuityTM asserts the value of organizational culture to businesses in times of disruption and significant change. It recognizes that an organization’s response to these events requires both the preservation of workplace culture and significant changes to it.

Though leaders and employees may crave the once-normal workplace culture they once enjoyed and contributed to, recovering from crises will require the adoption of new skills, behaviors and attitudes of individuals and new management practices of organizations. Navigating which values, behaviors and processes should be maintained and which should be re-imagined, and managing the respective transitions, becomes the critical role of leaders within organizations.

Culture Continuity integrates knowledge and practices from a variety of management and leadership disciplines, they key ones being: change management; personal and team leadership; communication; and, diversity and inclusion. These are presented in short, actionable articles with the focus of helping leaders be successful during this time to leverage culture as a contributor to business survival, continuity and resiliency.

A mindset of #CultureContinuity helps leaders build resiliency into their teams and businesses as we emerge from this period of disruption #culture #businesscontinuity #leadership


Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash