Online Event: Emotional Intelligence – Mastery and Empathy

Tuesday, August 18 @ 12:00pm EST (Toronto) / 5:00pm (London, UK)

COVID-19 continues to have an ongoing impact on our lives, changing the way we do business and spend our free time. These changes have been so sudden that many are struggling to process their emotions. In an increasingly remote-working world, connecting to colleagues and collaborators on a human level remains an integral leadership quality.  Leaders are realizing more than ever the importance of demonstrating emotional intelligence and empathy in how they manage change.

Join Mazdak Chinichian, Principal of MAZDAK Coaching, for an online workshop that focuses on increasing one’s self awareness and developing skills to support emotionally intelligent leadership. Mazdak will focus on one key aspect of responding to change and uncertainty. Sign off from the webinar feeling calm and grounded, knowing what your next steps will be. You will be motivated to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities for creativity and leadership, and have the tools to move forward with confidence in our rapidly changing reality.

Workshop Areas:

  • Overview of emotional intelligence and emotional mastery
  • The role of EI in change leadership, client relationships and design thinking
  • Activities for self reflection and skill development


Mazdak Chinichian

Mazdak Chinichian is a professional leadership and business coach who is motivated to facilitate personal growth and change in his clients through corporate workshops and personal coaching sessions.

Mazdak is PMP, CSM, ProSci ADKAR®, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and Google SIY® Mindful Leadership Certified, and offers a transformative Co-Active™ and ORSC™ Systems coaching experience. Partnering with new and emerging leaders, he works to co-create a roadmap to take them to where they want to be. Driven to provide a meaningful impact, Mazdak develops a connection with his clients, facilitating their progress as they define their strengths, values, and objectives. He uses this clarity as the foundation upon which his clients deepen their relationships and cultivate their personal and professional lives.