London: Associates Leadership Series

The MoA Associates Leadership Series provides leadership and business skills training for the Associates and is also a platform to share experiences and insights. This edition has been adapted for online delivery.

This educational opportunity is designed to connect participants with knowledge and resources to better understand their own leadership style and to improve their leadership contributions to their practice. It is designed specifically for the essential role of the Associate, or the mid to senior level architects and professionals in the built environment industry.

Each session includes presentations and activities to introduce leadership, communication and business concepts to participants. It will also include discussion time to learn from each other’s experiences at different practices.

Two cohorts of associates from architecture and design practices across London have participated in this programme since its inception in autumn 2018.

Participants Quotes:

“Very much enjoyed contributing to the second cohort of the MoA Associates [Leadership Series]. Fantastic sessions led by Framework Leadership and supported by peer to peer learning”

“Thanks for these very well- organized, friendly and instructive sessions. Highly recommend”

Programme Schedule:

Registration is on a first-come basis and will be limited to ensure appropriate interaction.

Sessions will be 90 minutes each.

  1. Session One – Personal Leadership
  2. Session Two – Leading Virtual Teams
  3. Session Three – Leader’s Role for Learning
  4. Session four – Leading Effective Transitions